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The queers regroup after the holigays to share their plans and predictions for 2022. Additional talking points: Feminist Jon, the fall of the PSL, and the rise of the merkin. Content notice: alcohol use and sobriety, body image issues and weight Thanks to The Taxpayers for the use of their song Everything is Awful! Opinions? Corrections? Suggestions? Reach us at!
  1. 2022 Vibes
  2. New Year’s Revolution
  3. Duck on a Water’s Back
  4. Impatients
  5. Home for the Holigays
  6. Gatekeeping
  7. Gay Christmas
  8. Daddy Issues
  9. W4M4M
  10. Queer Villainy
A note to listeners:

This show contains explicit language and adult themes, including alcohol use. We add content notices about potentially triggering topics to episode descriptions when applicable. Please reach out to us at with any questions, comments, or concerns.

We take appropriate and responsible measures to ensure our safety and that of our community, both when recording and in our daily lives. Please adhere to the latest local and national guidelines to reduce your risk of potentially fatal exposure to COVID-19.

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